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5 Best Scenic Destinations in an Giang Province, Vietnam

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    - Born as the greatest rice producer in the Mekong Delta and holds in itself a wide range of brilliant all natural as well as cultural landmarks, An Giang is really in the position to replace any of your respective Vietnam private tours to other areas of this wetland. Below are five most amazing destinations in the province in which you are able to observe the finest natural attractiveness.

    Trà Sư Cajuput Forest

    Trà Sư is a typical sample representing a spectacular saltmarsh ecosystem in Mekong Delta. The preserve belongs to Văn Giáo Commune, Tịnh Biên District, An Giang Province. Trà Sư lies around 10 kilometers away from Vietnam - Cambodia border. Trà Sư is now recorded to be home to 140 flora species, in which cajuput takes over a majority of the entire region.
    A boat trip (Source: Google)
    What visitors like experiencing when visiting this website is to hop on an electric sampan sneaking from the small canals under the shady trees, go harvesting lotus, drinking water caltrop, fishing and enjoy the seasonal exotic food. It only costs you around VND 75.000 per person with a boat trip is inclusive.

    Infinity Pool – Victoria Núi Sam Lodge

    This magnificent swimming pool can be found on the incline of a mountain in Victoria Núi Sam Lodge Resort. The site is situated around 60 kilometers clear of An Giang city center. Picking this high-end lodge as your next favorite accommodation in the upcoming An Giang journey, not only are you able to wallow in the coolest and freshest water amid the great ambiance, though you are in addition in the position to take a great deal of rest while tossing your view towards the far off scenery. You are able to either make a reservation for certain evenings over Victoria Núi Sam Lodge or purchase a ticket at VND 110.000 per individual for a visit.
    Infinity pool (Source: Google)
    The pool area has a magnificent view toward the infinite rice fields, that is waiting to get rid of any of your stress and hence make your Vietnam private tours more relaxing. As usually, all rice paddies put on a brand new makeover when another period of times arrive. At several areas, a fresh greenish look will take over the whole scene, while the majority of the entire year welcomes a stunning saffron like appearance.

    Long Xuyên Floating Market

    You might have read a great deal about the reputed Cái Răng Floating Market, an icon in Cần Thơ City. This moment, we will introduce you to a novice driver yet as authentic floating trading center in an Giang Province, Long Xuyên Floating Market.
    Long Xuyên Floating Market (Source: Google)
    Long Xuyên Floating Market was born on the surface of the Hậu River dating back to decades ago. For the moment actually being, even though contemporary traffic has been hugely created, the floating market continues to be greatly remaining its initial busy vibe unmodified. The trading life at Long Xuyên floating market begins around 5 am in the early morning, so make certain you are not about to sleep in when this particular day trip will come.
    Eating on the boat (Source: Google)
    Introduced as an off beat location, the floating market hasn't yet welcomed a large amount of touristy exploitage activities, which means your journey exploring this off-the-beaten-track can be a lot more fascinating and authentic as expected. A rental boat service fee here differs around VND 200.000. Don't forget to have a local tour operator organize all in all program for you, which includes a tour guide.

    Tây An Ancient Pagoda

    Tây An Buddhist Temple can be discovered in a huge landscape complex at the feet of Sam Mountain. This religious structure was built in the year 1847 featuring a remarkable Indian architecture. Tây An was happily announced as the very first Vietnamese - Indian architectural willing Buddhist temple across Vietnam.
    Tây An Pagoda (Source: Google)
    Starting from the city center of Châu Đốc, An Giang's capital city, you are able to decide to go all the way on your rental two wheel vehicle within only around thirty minutes. Apparently, you're highly recommended to mix Tây An as a part of your whole trip visiting the majority of landmarks within the same campus.

    Palmyra Field

    An Giang is famous to function as the largest rice producer in the Mekong Delta having a collection of numerous vast grain fields across the province. Nevertheless, this lovely and peaceful scene isn't the only thing you're about to witness. A number of these paddies live alongside lines of Palmyra trees which have been around for thousands of ages. These vertical trees are exactly where the indigenous peasants pick to lean on for a short nap after a hard-working morning in the field under the burning Sun.
    Palmyra trees (Source: Google)
    You will have a chance to view this spectacular scene on the means from Nhà Bàng town center to Trà Sư Cajuput Forest or perhaps either spend a direct visit to Tà Pạ rice field, a phenomenal landscape of An Giang. Do not forget to find some authentic Palmyra fruits and enjoy such chewy, crunchy and tender sweet meat inside in the middle of a sunny day.

    You only have to invest a couple of days to make a trip to An Giang from Saigon. Remember to contact your greatest Vietnam private tours in Saigon for a complete holiday treat!
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