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    - Now the disposable advertising paper cup has: convenient advertising, fast, healthy, environmental protection and other characteristics,personalised pizza boxes has become a part of People's Daily life, disposable advertising paper cup even become people's enterprise catering industry and other reception guests supplies. So how to choose a disposable paper cup wholesale supplier? To that end,custom popsicle sticks Hyde's team offers the following tips for choosing a good cup.

    Matters needing attention
    1. Note that the fluorescent paper cup is in direct contact with the mouth.customized pla cup Hygiene is particularly important. When choosing a printed paper cup advertisement, don't just look at the white of the cup, don't think the color is white, it's healthier, some paper cup manufacturers add a lot of fluorescent brightening agents to make disposable paper cups look whiter. Once these harmful substances enter the human body, they will become potential carcinogens. 2, The cup body is soft, pay attention to the leakage.4oz ice cream cups In addition, choose the thick wall of the cup, the cup is not very good, the cup is very soft, after pouring water or drink, when the end is seriously deformed, even if it will eventually affect the use. When choosing advertisements, people can print paper cups and gently squeeze the sides of the cups with their hands to get a general idea of the advantages of the paper cup body.

    3, The color of the cup wall is fancy, pay attention to the poisoning of the advertising paper cup stacked together.paper envelope wholesale If it becomes damp or contaminated, mold will inevitably form, so damp paper cups should not be cups supplier In addition, some paper cups print out colorful patterns and words. When paper cups are stacked on top of each other, the ink on the outside inevitably affects the inner layer of the paper cups that are wrapped around the outside, and the ink contains benzene and toluene, which are harmful to health.8oz paper cup wholesale Good paper cup, less printing pattern.

    4. Distinguish between cold cups and hot cups.disposable ice cream cups with lids Usually, the advertising paper cups we use can be divided into cold cups and hot cups, each of which has its own responsibilities. Cold cups usually have a layer of food wax on the surface. Wax is stable and safe at 0°C to 5°C, but melts as soon as the water temperature exceeds 62°C.custom yogurt cups The surface of the hot drink cup is special film, which is not only heat resistant, but also leakproof. We must pay attention to distinguish between different types of paper cups. Hyde Company, is specialized in the production of green products and disposable paper products enterprises.bulk plastic ice cream cups If you are going to buy some hot paper cups or other disposable paper products for your company, you can contact us on the website.kraft food box supplier Whether you are organizing a large event or a small gathering, our service, price and product range ensure that your disposable product needs are met.

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